Brott Properties

Call for more info:

608 783 5809 or

1800 410 9604

Below you are given two choices -  online lease, first option (GO ALL THE WAY THRU THE FORM) -  or opening the PDF form and filling it out manually.  If you need help call 608 783 5809.

Our Self storage lease is available by clicking on the PDF Icon above.

If you would like to rent one of our units print out a lease, fill it out and sign it.


You have a number of options to obtain a self storage unit I have listed them below:


1. Pick out the unit you want, Call 608 783-5809 and tell us your lease will be faxed to 608 5265843.  Send rent to:

All Things Storage

800 Angel Court (Office).

Holmen, Wi 54636 


2. Same as above but you can attach a filled out lease to our E-mail:


3. Call me 608 792 7329 and make an appointment to fill out lease and select a unit and pay rent.


You must contact us prior to moving any items into storage!!!

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